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Casa del Cervo Grappa di Brunello

N. Bott.
500 ml
€ 24,00

Grappa di Altesino is distilled Sangiovese from Montalcino grape pomace refined in barriques. Grappa from a winery was created for the first time by Altesino in 1977. The fresh pomace from the company is distilled a few hours after racking in a copper still, using a discontinuous method, with low degree columns.

  • Producer: Altesino Casa del Cervo
  • Region:Toscana
  • Grapes:Sangiovese 100%

how to serve

  • Serving Temperature 18°C
  • Type:Distillate made from the fermented must of Sangiovese (Brunello)
  • Classification:Liquor
  • Region:Toscana
  • Grapes:Sangiovese 100%
  • Fermentation:Discontinuous in steam boiler
  • Aging:Refinement for 6 months in various types of wooden barrel
  • Alcohol:42%
  • Color:The light yellow colour with golden hues is the result of its short time in wooden barrels
  • Perfume:slight hints of vanilla and oak, without losing the fruity
  • Flavour:Balanced, with a pleasant impact, it delivers all its flavour on the palate with beautiful persistence.
  • Serving Temperature:18°C