enoteca di piazza montalcino



MONTE DI PASCHI DI SIENA Via Matteotti, n.47- 53024 Montalcino (Siena), Italy Tel: 0577/84671

ABI: 1030 - CAB: 25500 - C/C: 7287/04 - CODE IBAN: IT 29 D 01030 25500 000 000 728704



REASON: purchase on the site www.enotecadipiazza.com

* With bank transfers we require pre-payment and request a copy of the transaction which reflects the CRO number and the date of transaction via fax (+39 0577/848037) or email (info@enotecadipiazza.com) within 48 hours (excluding holidays) of placing the order (unless otherwise agreed upon with Enoteca di Piazza).

It is possible to make purchases using a credit carte di creditocard on our website www.enotecadipiazza.com. An easy and secure method of payment, all transactions are handled by the Banca di Credito di Sovicille.

nce you have placed your order and have selected “credit card” has you preferred method of payment you will be directed to the secure server of CRAS Bank where you can proceed to insert your information. The transmission of information between your computer and the server of the bank is protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) with encrypted code SSL at 128 bytes by Verisign. CRAS Bank will therefore convey said information within the authorized interbanking system and will immediately convey data of the transaction. The process takes place within a few seconds thereby precluding the chance of interruption or interference from a third party.

Paying with a credit card is:

EASY: because it does not require any plug-ins or installation of any software on your computer.

RELIABE: because within a few seconds you will receive an email confirming the transaction, also giving you the possibility to print a receipt.

SECURE: because the information regarding you credit card will be communicated directly and exclusively to the bank via a secure connection. Enoteca di Piazza has no way of accessing your credit card information.

It is also possible to use your credit card for payment by providing the information (number and expiration date) directly to Enoteca di Piazza by fax (+39 0577/848037) or e.mail. In this case the transaction will be manually authorized (not online) and we will confirm shortly thereafter the conclusion of the transaction.